Road Transport

LTL – Less than Truckload

LTL -- road freight service that combines shipments from multiple customers and transports them together by sharing a truckload and cost. Ideal for customers that don’t have enough products to fill a truck on their own.
Pros: sharing the cost.
Cons: taking longer to reach its destination as it may have to make several stops on the way.
We try our best to minimize stops and delivery points by combining shipments going to the same destination.

FTL – Full Truckload

FTL -- Ideal for customers that have enough products to fill an entire truckload or you just want a truck to yourself. FTL is typically chosen when you have more ten or pallets to ship and want to transport goods quickly, or your goods are delicate or high risk.
Pros: goods delivered faster than LTL.
Cons: more expensive

How to choose FTL or LTL?

It depends on the following:

  • The size of your shipment
  • Your budget
  • Speed of delivery
  • If the shipment is high risk (fragile, temperature sensitive etc.)

If your shipment is large or high risk and needs to get to its destination as quickly as possible, FTL is likely the best solution for you. Otherwise LTL is probably the way to go.

Steps to move your cargo

  • Cargo pick up information -- pick up address, contact, available pick up time
  •  Cargo information -- please provide commerical invoice & packing list
  •  Bill of lading instruction -- Shipper, consignee & notify party's information
  •  Send cargo to final destination